Ex-spy accuses Pretoria

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JOHANNESBURG (Reuter) - A former South African military spy said government officials offered him money and indemnity for help in discrediting high-ranking security officers. Leon Flores was quoted by the Sunday Star newspaper as saying Justice Department officials had agreed to pay him 250,000 rand ( pounds 54,000).

'It is clear to me now that months ago, President (F W) de Klerk wanted an excuse to get rid of some of the top people in the SADF (South African Defence Force). They wanted me to help them do it. And when I refused to play their dirty game, they got me kicked out of the SADF,' he said. Mr Flores was sacked last year after being arrested in Britain on suspicion of planning to kill the renegade South African policeman, Dirk Coetzee.

Mr Flores' allegations follow a government purge last month of SADF officers. He said dozens of civilians were still involved in undercover work against groups such as the African National Congress.