Ex-US general James Cartwright may have leaked details of cyber-attack on Iran nuclear programme


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The investigation into who leaked secret information about attempts to disable Iran’s uranium enrichment programme with the Stuxnet computer virus appeared today to have zeroed in on retired Marine General James Cartwright, a former vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

There was no official confirmation, but two media outlets – NBC and The Washington Post – said they had information that Gen Cartwright, was a target of the probe into how the information about the operation reached The New York Times which first reported its existence in a detailed article in June last year.

The Obama administration has been zealous in pursuing suspected leaks including Bradley Manning, who is now on military trial, and most recently Edward Snowden, who is holed up at Moscow Airport.  Gen Cartwright was a member of Mr Obama’s inner circle before his retirement in 2011 and advised him on the Stuxnet mission. To add him to that list would be a cause of deep embarrassment to the White House.

In 2010, the virus temporarily disabled 1,000 Iranian centrifuges used to enrich uranium.