Faces of resistance behind the wire

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Mustapha Hammoud, Hizbollah member serving 25 years in Ashkelon prison, Israel, for attacking Israeli occupation troops in southern Lebanon. Has served nine years of a sentence handed down at military court in Lod

Mohamed Ahmed

el-Nayerat, aged 70, serving a life sentence for killing a Jewish settler. Has spent the past 30 years in Ashkelon prison

Youssef Farouk Alladin, a 28-year-old Fatah member, was sentenced to 25 years after his capture during a failed boat attack off southern Lebanon

Ali Belhas, from Siddiqin, southern Lebanon, a Hizbollah member captured during an attack on Israeli occupation troops in southern Lebanon. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he has served four years

Zohair Karam, 26, a Palestinian from a refugee camp in Tripoli, sentenced to life for trying to penetrate the Israeli occupation zone in southern Lebanon, en route to an attack in Israel. He has served six years.

Qasem Hassan Sulieman, 26, a Palestinian from Ein el-Helweh camp in Lebanon, sentenced to 20 years for trying to penetrate Israeli occupied zone in southern Lebanon en route to attack in Israel. Has served six years.

Jamal Mahroum, a Lebanese guerrilla, poses with an unsuspecting British tourist in front of the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, a day before he was captured with a car-load of PLO weapons by Israeli troops. He spent 11 years in Israeli jails.