Farrow 'wanted to stab Allen'

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A psychologist testified on Monday that she feared for Woody Allen's safety after Mia Farrow learned of his affair with her daughter, saying Farrow had said she would like 'to stab his eyes out', AP reports from New York.

Earlier, Farrow concluded her testimony in the couple's child custody battle. She said she discovered nude photos of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, 22, in Allen's apartment and confronted him. 'The first thing out of his mouth was, 'I'm in love with Soon-Yi. I want to marry her.' I said, 'Take her and go; there's nothing more'.' The actress said Allen told her the affair was 'good for Soon-Yi; it gave her confidence. Let's use this as a springboard to a deeper relationship'.

Susan Coates, a psychologist who treated the couple's son, Satchel, testified that the actress often showed hatred and rage for Allen after finding the photos.