Farrow's pointed Valentine

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NEW YORK - Woody Allen did 'anything and everything' to try to 'de-escalate' his bitter fight with Mia Farrow over the custody of their three children, even sleeping with the actress at her request, he told a court hearing yesterday. But she retaliated by sending him a Valentine card containing small skewers and a knife, he said.

Allen, 57, and Farrow, 47, are fighting for custody of Satchel, 5, their son, and the couple's adopted children Moses, 14, and Dylan, 7. The actress had alleged that Allen sexually molested Dylan, but Allen said he was cleared of the accusation last week by a team of investigators.

During his second day of testimony in New York state court, Allen said that when Farrow discovered his affair with Soon-Yi Farrow Previn, 22, the adopted daughter of Farrow and her former husband, the conductor Andre Previn, 'She became enraged and upset . . . She was calling me up nightly and threatening to kill me.'

He said he took advice from doctors, lawyers and his therapist on how to 'de-escalate' the situation.

Allen claimed he even slept with Farrow at her request. 'I did anything and everything to get the situation calmed down,' he said. 'I gave in time after time because I did not want to have this erupt into a court fight.'

His efforts were useless and Farrow would say 'terrible things' about him to the children, he said. 'She told them I was the Devil.'

He said when he tried to kiss Satchel, the boy would wipe his face. ' 'Mommy said I can't love you',' Allen quoted him as saying.