Fear of cholera epidemic as the clean-up begins

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Monrovia (Reuter) - A huge clean-up began yesterday after two weeks of fighting with health workers battling to contain outbreaks of disease.

All over the city people came out to help. A group of boys piled rubbish around a decomposed body wearing a motorcycle helmet, ready to burn it.

With the fighting over, epidemics pose the main threat. Thousands displaced by the fighting lack clean drinking water and makeshift clinics are treating hundreds of suspected cases of cholera.

A team of US diplomats was due in Monrovia to join efforts to ensure that the ceasefire leads to a lasting peace.

West African Ecomog peacekeepers have been deployedaround the city's main army barracks, where thousands of people were trapped by the fighting.

Washington has promised$30m of equipment, training and aid to Ecomog if it plays a "neutral and effective role".