Fear stalks a rural paradise: 25 BRITISH DEATHS ... ONLY TWO SOLVED

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SINCE 1977, 25 Britons have been murdered in France - but in only two of these cases have the killers been found.

The most recent case is that of Caroline Dickinson, the 13-year-old schoolgirl who was raped and murdered at a youth hostel in Pleine Fougeres, Brittany in 1996.

Nine years ago, Joanna Parrish, a modern-languages student from Leeds, was raped and strangled close to the ancient town of Auxerre in Burgundy.

Other cases include:

n The Brodericks, a couple shot dead near St-Tropez in the 1970s

n Robert Hicks, stabbed in Cateloup les Vignes

n Carol Reeves, battered to death in St-Tropez

n The Mosses, a couple shot in Cannes

n John Calmann, a hiker stabbed in Normandy

n Michael Dins, strangled on a Marseilles train in 1980

n John Graham, who drowned in the Seine in 1983

n Niall Campbell, who died off the coast of Brest in the same year

n Samantha Ward, killed picking flowers in Angers in 1984

n In 1990, Alison Dutton was stabbed 17 times in Cherbourg

n In 1991, Bernadette and Leslie Chorlton were strangled in a forest

n In 1992, Malcolm Olson was strangled in a Paris hotel

n In 1993, Anthony Howe was found dead on a Paris building site

n In 1994, Patricia Green was shot at her home near Cannes.