Flat Earth: Bottoms up

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BUT perhaps it's unfair to blame the diplomat. Some might argue New York is responsible since everyone who lives there after a while goes completely mad. Once asked at least to admire the 'energy' in the air in Manhattan, Evelyn Waugh snapped: 'It's not energy, it's neurosis.' This a view shared by Buckingham Palace, which recoiled so violently last week from the perfectly ordinary notion that the Princess of Wales might buy an apartment in NY. Perhaps the Palace has in mind the dread precedent of another famous woman who emigrated to New York, Yoko Ono, who this week inundated the innocent city of Hanover with 70,000 photographs of someone's bottom.

She said it did not matter whose - the point was to prompt thoughts of peace, since people 'no longer felt desire and have begun to hate each other'. How the bottoms will help is not quite clear, but who are we - or indeed the Palace - to say she's wrong?

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