Flat Earth: Fitting acronyms

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NEW acronyms, of which there is never any shortage, generally produce an unpronounceable word (EU, MFN) or a ridiculous one (Nafta, ERM, EMU). Occasionally, though, the effect can be nicely onomatopoeic: Slorc, for example, sounds exactly like a country being throttled by its rulers (the State Law and Order Restoration Committee, which runs things in Burma). More rarely, along comes an acronym which seems to fit the bill exactly. We like two new ones, Potus and Flotus, now apparently in use in Washington. Potus - President of the United States - has a kind of latinate ring to it, suggesting power and authority, and perhaps even - or are we imagining this? - non-inhaling drug use. And Flotus isn't too bad for First Lady Hillary, who has so buoyantly ridden the Whitewater rapids without getting her feet wet.