FLAT EARTH: Holy orders

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POLAND'S army is doing things by the book - the prayer book, that is. Could this be an obscure test of faith to be endured before the country is allowed to join Nato? Or is the Pope's influence even deeper than we imagined?

A new standard-issue prayer book tells soldiers who they should pray for ("the president, all leaders, soldiers and veterans of the Polish Army") and what to sing (militaristic versions of Christmas carols). The book is even helpful to clueless troops who have no idea how to position tanks during a field Mass. (Doesn't everyone know that they go on the edge of the artillery formation?)

As for offering the sign of peace at Mass, a handshake is often not good enough. If a married woman is in the con- gregation, troops are instructed, they should "take the outstretched hand and kiss it as a sign of highest regard - as is fitting for a Polish soldier