Flat Earth: New faces in the same old places

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MARIKE de Klerk, the wife of South Africa's new deputy president, had plastic surgery on her eyebrows four years ago to make her look less sour. The look on her face at Mandela's inauguration 12 days ago suggested the time might be ripe for another nip and tuck. But she's smiling again now.

Mrs de Klerk had feared that when Mandela took over she would have to call in the removal vans. But Mr Mandela has no wish to live in the two official presidential residences in Cape Town and Pretoria. The word is that he considers Groote Schuur in Cape Town to be too much like a museum and that, when in the north, he would like to remain in the Johannesburg home - a relatively humble pounds 100,000 property in the suburb of Houghton, where he moved after separating from his wife.