Flat Earth: The LA equation

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READERS were intrigued by the city of Los Angeles maths test. The first card of correct answers (1.6oz; two girls do four tricks, the third does five; two Chevys; 22 letters) was hand-delivered by Robert Jones of south-east London. He wins, but we felt he had an unfair advantage, so we have sent a bottle of wine to P Dodson of Derby, whose correct answers were the first to arrive by post.

We felt in such a generous mood - this being Flat Earth's first competition and having spent the afternoon tasting - that we sent a third bottle to Stephen Alexander of Bromsgrove - for his cheek. He said there were no answers, because Jose (the pusher) would have been shot by Rufus (the pimp) who needed a fix, but had no money because his girls had been mown down by Willie as he crashed his stolen 4X4. The accident happened because a tagger was electrocuted while using his spray can, fell off an overhead railway and landed on the bonnet of Willie's car.