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Moscow: 31 August

A bomb destroys part of Manezh shopping mall, injuring dozens and killing one. Most victims are youngsters. A leaflet found at the scene points to the involvement of anarchists, offended by consumerism, but a link to the Caucasus region is not ruled out.

Dagestan: 4 September

A large bomb in Buinaksk destroys an apartment block that housed Russian army officers and their families, leaving 64 dead. At the same time, Chechen militants invade villages in Dagestan and the authorities call the bomb a diversion for this incursion.

Moscow: 8 September

An explosion rocks an apartment building in Moscow's working-class suburb of Pechatniki. A total of 92 people are killed as they sleep and scores more hurt. Theories about a gas leak are soon dismissed when evidence of a terrorist attack mounts.

Moscow: 13 September

At 5am on a day of national mourning declared after the previous week's attack, another bomb goes off in a similar apartment block in Moscow. The death toll is 45 at this stage and authorities link the blasts, speaking unequivocally of terrorism.