Guerrillas hand over weapons

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CAMBODIA (Reuter) - More than 2,500 non-Communist guerrillas yesterday handed over their weapons to the United Nations as their leaders rejected suggestions that force be used to get the Khmer Rouge to do the same.

'You have suffered enough . . . Now is the time to try to forget those difficult years, lay down your arms and proceed to your respective places of assignment with reserve, honour and dignity,' General Sak Sutsakahn, commander of the army of the Khmer People's National Liberation Front (KPNLF), told his men.

The disarmament brought the number of fighters now in UN camps to 12,700. The KPNLF, the Sihanoukist royalist faction and the Phnom Penh government are co-operating in the operation in line with the UN-sponsored peace accord signed in Paris last October. The Khmer Rouge, which wants the government dismantled, is not.