Happy anniversary: Publish and be damned

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Some of the less notable anniversaries of the week.


1925: Hitler publishes Mein Kampf.

1955: Disneyland opens in California.

1969: Mary Jo Kopechne drowns at Chappaquiddick after an accident in a car driven by Edward Kennedy.


1821: Coronation of George IV. His estranged wife, Caroline of Brunswick, is not permitted to attend.

1860: Birth of Lizzie Borden, alleged axe murderess.

1918: Baseball is declared a 'non-essential occupation' under the 'work or fight' law in the United States.


1621: The law faculty at the University of Leipzig sentences a cow to death for killing a woman.

1885: Professional football is legalised in Britain.


1809: Death of Daniel Lambert, 39, at the Wagon and Horses Inn, Stamford. At over 52 stones, he is believed to be Britain's fattest man.

1984: Death of James Fixx, the man who popularised jogging. He had a heart attack while jogging.

1988: A bull is killed attacking a Boeing 737 as it lands at Baroda Airport, West India.


1284: According to legend, the day of arrival in Hamelin of the Pied Piper.

1478: Death of Philip the Handsome (Philip I) of Spain, the husband of Joan the Mad.


1858: The Oath of Allegiance is altered to allow Jews to sit in Parliament.

1986: Prince Andrew marries Lady Sarah Ferguson.


1824: The first-ever public opinion poll is conducted in Delaware, and shows Andrew Jackson leading John Quincy Adams in the presidential race. Adams is elected.

1851: The end of the unpopular Window Tax, which began in 1696.