Hebron rocket attack

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Hebron (AP) - Assailants believed to be Palestinians fired an American-made anti-tank rocket at a Jewish home in Hebron yesterday, causing damage but no casualties.

The rocket, which lacked a warhead, crashed through a window of a building. Its firing signalled an escalation in confrontations between Palestinians and Jewish settlers in Hebron. Until now most clashes have involved automatic-weapons fire, stabbings, stonings and firebombings. Later yesterday gunmen fired shots at an Israeli settler bus heading for the Hebron area as it passed near Bethlehem. There were no injuries.

After the rocket attack, soldiers imposed a curfew on central Hebron, launched house-to-house searches and detained about 80 Palestinians.

About 10 missiles were stolen from an army base in the West Bank three months ago.

In another confrontation near Hebron, about 60 Palestinians held a prayer vigil yards from Israeli bulldozers clearing land for a new road near Bani Naim village.