Husband to 15 and lover to 54

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Colombo (AP) - A man with 15 wives and 54 mistresses was jailed by a court in southern Sri Lanka after his latest wife complained that he was not faithful to her, police said yesterday.

"We have found eight wives so far. But he had seven other marriage certificates," said police inspector J. Hopitigala who is investigating how many women Pavulupitiyage Gunapala, 35, married in the past five years. Police found romantic letters from 54 other women when Gunapala was arrested.

The unemployed man had posed as an army sergeant, and changed his name several times to woo the women, who ranged from 18 to 60 years of age.

He usually stayed with a wife for only a few weeks or months before abandoning her after taking all her money and jewels, said Insp Hopitigala.

Gunapala was arrested after the last woman he married complained to police that he was having an affair. Police found that he had married her after fleeing five arrest warrants for polygamy.