Immigrant killed in Dresden hostel fire

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A Mozambican immigrant died of severe burns yesterday following a fire in a home for foreigners in the eastern German city of Dresden, AFP reports from Dresden.

Police were unable to say whether the fire was accidental or deliberate, but a combustible substance was found on the scene. In all 150 foreigners, including Vietnamese, Mozambicans and Yugoslavs, were living in the home. Four Yugoslav refugees were briefly admitted to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

In the northern German town of Lubeck, 10 young neo-Nazis accused of attacks on foreigners' hostels said in court yesterday that they had acted 'on the orders' of those suspected of causing a fire in Molln last November in which three Turks were killed. Nine young men aged between 16 and 20 and one 18-year-old woman face charges of attempted murder and attempted arson.