Inkatha confrontation looms

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CONFRONTATION was looming yesterday between Inkatha and the Transitional Executive Council, the multi-racial advisory body set up earlier this month to oversee the transition to the April elections, writes Karl Maier.

The TEC has sought to investigate 'credible evidence' uncovered by the independent commission headed by Justice Richard Goldstone that assassination squads targeting ANC activists have been operating within the KwaZulu police force.

The Council decided on Tuesday to dispatch the South African police immediately to particularly violent areas in KwaZulu and Natal and to summon the KwaZulu police commissioner, Lt-Gen Roy During, to explain his refusal to co-operate with the investigation. Lt-Gen During has said that Chief Buthelezi had ordered him to ignore the TEC's requests.

At a pro-Inkatha rally last week, Chief Buthelezi and the Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, accused the government and the ANC of seeking the 'annihilation' of Zulus. King Zwelithini told his supporters, 'Resist, I command you, resist, I implore you.' If Inkatha decides to shun the elections, political violence is likely to worsen.