IOC man's son on Salt Lake charge

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THE SON of a leading official of the International Olympic Committee has been charged in connection with the Salt Lake City scandal, US legal officials said yesterday.

John Kim has been charged with lying to the FBI during its investigation of alleged corruption in winning the Utah city the 2002 Winter Olympics, and using fraudulently obtained immigration documents to get an American visa. The New York indictment charges that Mr Kim was given a job in order to persuade his father to back Salt Lake City's bid.

Kim Un Yong, a powerful member of the IOC, was considered a leading candidate to succeed Juan Antonio Samaranch as president when Mr Samaranch retires in two years time. He was given a warning by the IOC after its investigation into the Salt Lake City affair earlier this year but the case was left open. He strenuously denies any wrongdoing.

Jung Hoon "John" Kim, his son was hired to work in the New York office of a local broadcasting company according to David Simmons, the chief executive of the firm at the time. Mr Simmons said he was asked to hire John Kim by officials in Salt Lake City. The bid committee reimbursed him for part of Mr Kim's salary, he said.

John Kim, who he says the job was a genuine one, has since launched a legal action against Mr Simmons in Korea.