Iran hits back at Gingrich

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Nicosia - Iran's parliamentary Seaker attacked the Speaker of the US House of Representatives for calling for the overthrow of the Tehran government. Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri said that Newt Gingrich's remarks were illogical and revealed his lack of knowledge about the Islamic republic. "The idea of attempting to change the Islamic system of government in Iran is stupid," he declared. Mr Gingrich said in Washington last Wednesday that the US should pursue a strategy aimed at toppling the regime in Tehran.

The wife of Mr Gingrich said yesterday that her work for an Israeli company was beyond the House Ethics Committee's jurisdiction and that she expected the issue to be dropped by the time she went home later this week. Marianne Gingrich was touring a site in southern Israel where the Israeli Development Export Co she was hired by last August is planning a mostly tax-free hi- tech business park.