Israeli Election: Business as usual, says Clinton

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'Whatever the results, the United States will continue its policy of support for the people of Israel, for the democratic process there and for the process of peace, and our policy will be the same. If Israel is prepared to take risks for peace, we are determined to do our best to reduce the risks and increase the security of those who do that.' President Bill Clinton.

'A political catastrophe is in the offing - for Israel, for the Middle East and for the whole world.' Gunter Verheugen, foreign-affairs spokesman for the German Social Democrats.

'The Zionist regime is expansionist and supports massacres by nature. Changing this regime's pawns does not result in so much change in (its) policies.' Tehran radio

'The situation is going to be a bit more complex but we are not in a panic.' Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

'Regardless of who will head Israel's government after the elections, the new Israeli leader should learn lessons of the past five years. Peace and occupation contradict each other and could never meet.' Al-Baath, the official Syrian daily.