Israeli guard faces up to reality in video beating case

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Jerusalem (AP) - Tsahi Smayah, an Israeli border guard captured on video tape kicking and beating Palestinian detainees, seen outside the city's magistrates' court with his head in his hands next to his lawyer, while his father, seen on the left, tries to console him. Smayah, together with another border guard David Ben Abu faces charges of aggravated assault and abuse of power. Both men wept in court yesterday, surrounded by their families.

An amateur Palestinian cameraman filmed the two guards in a north Jerusalem suburb, kicking the Palestinians in the head and body, forcing them to do press-ups and hitting them in the face in October. The footage was broadcast on Monday on Israel Television.

The two accused were ordered to be held for three days, after which time they will be released under house arrest. Their phone lines will be disconnected to prevent them from speaking to each other or anyone else involved in the case, Israeli court spokesman Moshe Gorali said.