It's a case of hand in glove for OJ

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Los Angeles - In a risky move by prosecutors, the bloody gloves that they believe place OJ Simpson at the scene of a double murder made a theatrical reappearance yesterday, writes Edward Helmore.

Simpson succeeded in putting the gloves on after a struggle. "They're too tight," he muttered.

The drama drew a mixed reaction. Spectators seemed to disagree on whether the gloves fitted or not. "Instead of sealing their case, it gave the prosecutors a new hurdle to overcome,'' Laurie Levenson, a legal analyst, said. ``This could become the prosecution's worst nightmare.''

Simpson's leading attorney, Johnnie Cochran, said: "What the jury saw was that Simpson could not put the gloves on because they were too small."

The prosecution is seeking to prove that the gloves, one of which allegedly was found at the murder scene and the other on Simpson's estate, were worn by Simpson in the killings.