Jerusalem killing

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A gunman ambushed two Jewish seminary students in the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday, killing one and seriously wounding the other. The students belonged to a group called Ateret Cohanim (Crown of the Priests), which is dedicated to replacing Palestinians with Jews in the historic areas of the city.

The attacker used a sub-machine gun to shoot shot one student in the leg and fired six more rounds after he fell to the ground, killing him, police said. He was named as Gabriel, Hirschberg, 26, who moved to Israel from Hungary eight years ago.

The second student, wounded three times, fled to a nearby house in the Muslim quarter of the city in which the cabinet minister Ariel Sharon nominally lives, though it is also owned by Ateret Cohanim. The attack shows the mounting tension between Israelis and Palestinians over control of the holy places of Jerusalem. - Patrick Cockburn, Jerusalem