Jewish settler kills Palestinian

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JERUSALEM - Amid an atmosphere of escalating violence between Jewish settlers and Palestinians in the occupied territories, a West Bank settler yesterday shot and killed a 19-year-old Arab man, writes Sarah Helm.

Yoram Skolnick is alleged to have killed Jawad Jamil Khalil Husiya, a Palestinian, as he lay tied by his hands and feet.

There has been a marked increase in reprisal attacks by Jews against Palestinians in recent days, and an increase in street protests. This month eight Israelis have been killed by Palestinians, and 19 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers or civilians.

According to Israel Radio, Husiya was picked up on Tuesday morning by two settlers from Susya, in the southern West Bank. They claimed they suspected the Palestinian was about to carry out an attack, and put him in their jeep. Husiya then stabbed one of the Israelis in the shoulder. Both settlers then bound Husiya's hands and feet.

A third settler, Mr Skolnick, arrived on the scene. As Husiya lay there defenceless, Mr Skolnick is alleged to have shot him eight times. He was arrested by police.