Bunbury 'hostage situation': Captor and hostage taken to hospital after police fire non-lethal bullets

Emergency services are at the scene in Bunbury, Western Australia

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A man claiming to be armed with explosives staged an 11-hour-long seige in an Australian city park, reportedly taking one person hostage.

Police cordoned off an area of a park on the corner of Koombana Drive and Blair Street in Bunbury, Western Australia, after the unidentified man took one person hostage.

Following an 11 hour operation, the man at the centre of the siege was shot by police with non-lethal bullets, and has been taken to hospital. The hostage walked away from the scene and into an awaiting ambulance, GWN7 News reported.

As the hostage situation unfolded, snipers arrived on the scene and circled the two individuals.

Pictures emerging from the scene showed armed police officers, wearing bullet proof vests, lying on the ground.

Emergency services convened on what is the main thoroughfare into town with dog squad officers also reportedly in attendance.

Images on Twitter appear showed a middle-age man sitting cross-legged next to a younger individual. Near the pair was a large sign, which Australia’s ABC News has reported as containing the demands or message from the hostage-taker. One of the men appears to be on the phone.

Local media reported that the sign contains a demand to police for an individual's release, however, this has not been confirmed by authorities.

Officers from Australia's Tactical Response Group arrived at incident on the outskirts of what is Western Australia's third largest city.

As the siege ended, the man's alleged demands remained unclear.