Mexican Election: Candidates for president: Zedillo: substitute who is seen as a colourless figure

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ERNESTO ZEDILLO, 43, was campaign manager to the Institutional Revolutionary Party's candidate, Luis Donaldo Colosio, assassinated in March. Mr Zedillo was quickly named by the PRI as the substitute candidate.

Amid clear signs of a split between PRI 'dinosaurs' and progressives - the latter including Colosio and outgoing President Carlos Salinas de Gortari - there were widespread rumours that party hardliners had been behind the murder of Colosio and his replacement by Mr Zedillo. Questions were also raised as to why Mr Zedillo, as campaign manager, was not with Colosio on the day of his murder. Mr Zedillo, who has a postgraduate degree from the University of Bradford, is seen as a colourless figure still living in Colosio's shadow. Even PRI supporters are surprised by poll findings that put him ahead of the opposition. His campaign slogan is: 'For the welfare of your family'.

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