Middle East Accord: The Players For Peace

Benjamin Netanyahu

He agreed the accord, but proved extremely reluctant to implement it. When he did begin, it brought down his right-wing coalition government

King Hussein

Dying from cancer, he flew to the US last October to lend moral support to the negotiators. Bill Clinton, for one, was deeply grateful for his efforts

Hosni Mubarak

The fact that the deal is to be signed in Alexandria helps confirm the Egyptian President as a player on the international stage. Had a useful backstage role

Yasser Arafat

Forced to make many concessions since 1993 Oslo accord, but has gained ground too. Israel has made him fight for every inch of the West Bank

Ehud Barak

Said on meeting Yasser Arafat, after becoming Prime Minister in May, that he wanted to revise the terms of the Wye Agreement "in the interest of both sides"