Baghdad bombings: Dozens killed in Shia neighbourhoods after wave of bomb attacks

At least 29 people have died and another 81 have been wounded after a series of bombings across Shia neighbourhoods in Baghdad

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At least 29 people have died and another 81 wounded after a series of Shia neighbourhoods across the Iraqi capital of Baghdad were hit by explosions.

The most severe bombing occurred in Baghdad’s northern Shaab neighbourhood when a man wearing an explosive vest detonated himself in a busy market. The blast killed nine people and wounded 25.

Earlier on Sunday, in Baghdad’s Khazimiyah district, a suicide car bombing blasted the Anden checkpoint killing eight people, including five civilians, and injuring 23.

In the Banook district another six people were killed and 15 injured in a car bombing.

A further car bomb in Baghdad's al-Askan district killed at least four people and wounded 11 on a commercial street as people gathered after sunset to break their daily fast for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Police also said that a roadside bomb on a commercial street in Baghdad’s al-Amal neighbourhood killed two people and wounded seven.

No one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks. However,  the Islamic State militant group often targets checkpoints and other locations throughout the capital as it challenges Iraqi security forces and Iraq’s Shite-led government.

There were fears that during Ramadan Isis would intensify attacks in Baghdad, but as the fasting month nears its end yesterday's bombings were the only increase in attacks.

Additional reporting by Associated Press