'British suicide bomber' carries out attack in Iraq, Isis claims

Terror group says militant named 'Abu Musa al-Britani' targeted a car bomb at an army convoy

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A British suicide bomber has allegedly carried out an attack on Iraqi authorities in Anbar province, Isis has claimed.

The terror group claimed a militant named "Abu Musa al-Britani" detonated a car bomb targeting a convoy belonging to the Iraqi army and the aligned Sunni forces. 

They said they have killed "nearly 30" people in a message from their account on messaging app Telegram but this claim is disputed by the Iraqi military. 

A spokesman told the BBC they believed only the bomber died in the attack. 

Earlier on Monday, Isis claimed responsibility for another attack in the western part of the province carried out by five suicide bombers from France, Turkey and Jordan. 

"Al-Britani" is the nickname given by Isis to its fighters who come from the UK - all militants change their names when they join.

It follows confirmation by the Pentagon that an American marine was killed in a rocket attack on Sunday at the US base in Makhmour which is controlled by Kurdish forces. 

Terrorism expert Charlie Winter said this is the 25th euology for one of their suicide bombers in just two days.

It comes as a detachment of US marines are deployed to join the ground fight against the group. 

Soldiers from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) will be sent to join the 3,600 personnel already stationed in the country. 

They are leading air strikes against Isis targets, supplying the Kurdish forces and carrying out humanitarian air drops. 

Though the exact role of the new forces is yet to be revealed it is a significant step towards the US committing troops to fight Isis on the ground.