Briton among six foreign hostages released by Houthi rebels in Yemen

The six hostages have reportedly been held captive for the past five months

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Houthi rebels in Yemen have released six foreign hostages, including a Briton.

According to the rebels and anonymous officials at Sana’a International Airport, the six hostages were released after being held captive for the past five months.

The freed hostages are thought to have boarded a plane heading for Oman, a country which reportedly played a part in negotiating their release.

The hostages include one Briton, three Americans and two Saudis.

Houthi officials did not give the reason why the hostages were captured in the first place but one of the hostages is a journalist who they said “entered the country illegally” and “worked without notifying the authorities".

Last month al-Qaeda in Yemen released 64-year-old British oil worker Bob Semple, who was held for 18 months.

Additional reporting by AP