'Comical Ali' released after interrogation

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The former Iraqi information minister has told an Arabic television channel how he turned himself in to the Americans after the war, and was released after questioning.

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, who spun for the Iraqi regime as the war to oust Saddam Hussein unfolded, said he was questioned by US forces.

In a clip of an interview by Al-Arabiya TV to be aired later today, a thin, tired looking Mr Sahaf said: "Via some friends, I went to the Americans ... and there was an interrogation about a number of issues concerning my work. After the interrogation, I was released.

"A difficult situation has passed by, not for one person but for everyone."

Mr Sahaf, who on one occasion scoffed at suggestions that US forces were in central Baghdad even though American tanks could be seen behind him, was dubbed Comical Ali by the Western press.

Mr Sahaf was not on America's "most wanted" list of Iraqi officials after the war.