Dutch Motorcycle Club members 'join Kurdish fighters battling Isis' in Iraq

Three No Surrender bikers are reportedly near Mosul

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Members of a Dutch motorcycle club have reportedly travelled to Iraq to help Kurdish forces battle Isis fighters descending on the country.

Three bikers from the No Surrender Banditos club are believed to have joined the fight against Islamist militants last week.

Klaas Otto, the head of No Surrender, told Dutch broadcaster NOS the members who travelled to Mosul were from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda.

A photo on a Kurdish-Dutch Twitter account appears to show a tattooed man, named only as ‘Ron’ in the caption, clutching a Kalashnikov and standing with a Kurdish fighter.

The bikers alleged journey follows that of several Americans who are believed to have joined fighting near Kobani, which has been encircled by Isis for the last two weeks, the New York Times Magazine reports.

On Tuesday, a black Isis flag erected on a hill overlooking the Syria-Turkey border town was torn down after it was captured by Kurdish fighters.

Kurdish defenders have spearheaded the ground offensive against Isis ever since the group began its rapid advance across swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Following last month's emergency Commons vote, RAF Tornado GR4 fighter bombers joined a US led coalition attacking Isis targets in Iraq to counter the jihadi threat.