Five Hizbollah rockets strike Haifa

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At least five rockets struck the Israeli port city of Haifa today and injured 10 people, the first barrage in nearly 24 hours on the country's third-biggest city.

Air raid sirens began wailing shortly after 1.10pm (1110BST) and the first of what appeared to be five rockets struck the city, Israel's third largest.

Two Associated Press reporters said they saw smoke rising from near the city centre and near the main port.

Rescue officials said 10 people were injured in the attacks. There were no reports of fatalities. The Israeli army said that five rockets struck the city.

Ambulances could be seen in the city and a fire truck drove by a crater in a road that left a small gaping hole.

Hizbollah has fired hundreds of rockets at northern Israeli towns from the Lebanese border since fighting began on July 12, forcing hundreds of thousands of Israelis to take cover in underground shelters.

A 16 July barrage killed eight people in Haifa.