France's 52-year-old 'Human Spider-Man' uses only chalk and sticky tape to climb 1,004ft skyscraper in Dubai - Video

Robert climbed the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, in 2011

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A French climber known as the “Human Spider-Man’ has climbed one of Dubai’s tallest skyscrapers using only chalk and sticky tape for safety.

Alain Robert, 52, is known for his ridiculous climbing feats and has climbed 143 of the world’s tallest buildings including France's Eiffel Tower and Malaysia's Petronas Towers.

On Sunday, he was able to scale the 75-storey Cayan tower situated in the Dubai’s prestigious marina area on Sunday.

It took Robert only 70 minutes to climb the 1,004-ft “twisting” Dubai tower without the support of a safety harness.

Speaking to press after his latest success, Robert said: "In Dubai there are a lot of artificial mountains, Dubai is building non-stop.

“When you’re out there thinking you have finished, but if you look around you see skyscrapers everywhere.”

This is not the first time Robert has climbed one of Dubai’s massive skyscrapers.

In 2011, this time wearing a harness to comply with organisers’ safety requirements, Robert took just over 6 hours to reach the top of the world’s tallest building the 2,717-foot-tall (828-metre)Burj Khalifa.