Gaza: Voices of hope and despair

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"I am happy they are leaving, but I will dance in the street only when Jerusalem is back to us and we are back to it. I am willing to give all my sons to the resistance to make this happen." - Um Nidal, a mother of 12 living in a refugee camp near Damascus, Syria

"This country has proved it can take a tough democratic decision without fear, without being panicked by threats and demos. On the other hand, it's a democratic country in that people can demonstrate - and cry." - Shimon Peres, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister

"I have to confess that the leader of the Likud, together with a few other people ... did not have the courage to stick to the principles in whose name we have fought for many long years." - Uzi Landau, Likud member of Knesset

"On Friday I planted 10,000 new heads of celery, because I believe we will stay." - Anita Tucker, Netzer Hazani farmer

"For the first time in 50 years I feel there is hope that the Palestinian people will one day be free." - Aqel, one of 1.8 million Palestinian refugees in neighbouring Jordan