Hajj stampede: Iran's victims mourned by thousands

The Iranian victims of the Hajj stampede were mourned in Tehran, as government declares the remaining missing dead

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Thousands of Iranians turned out to mourn the victims of the Hajj stampede as a commemoration service took place in Tehran.

241 Iranians were listed as missing but now the Iranian government believes there is no hope of finding them alive.

The service to commemorate the dead took place at the Shrine Imamzadeh mosque in Tehran.

Inside the mosque, banners were raised that criticised Saudi Arabia, who Iranians believe has hindered its efforts to return the bodies of their deceased.

Saudi Arabia's authorities believe 769 people died in the crush near Mecca, with 934 being injured.

The stampede resulted from two large groups of worshippers coming together at right angles, as they made their way to Hajj's Jamarat pillars.

The country have come under scrutiny for their handling of security and the delay in publishing casualty figures.

Other countries, such as Pakistan, India and Indonesia have suggested that the death toll may be higher than the 769 reported by Saudi Arabia.