'I blame UK Government' says wife of Anglo-Iranian Abbas Yazdi who disappeared in Dubai


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The wife of an Anglo-Iranian citizen who disappeared in Dubai and is feared to have been taken to Iran and murdered has blamed British authorities of “putting his life in danger”.

Abbas Yazdi, 44, vanished on 25 June 2013 after giving evidence via video link from his office in the Gulf state’s commercial district to a tribunal adjudicating in a dispute between two oil companies.

His wife Atena said it was her understanding that around 20,000 pages of her husband's documents were sent to Iran by the Serious Fraud Office, including the Dubai office address from where her husband was later abducted.

Mr Yazdi's private business records were seized by the SFO at the request of Norwegian authorities investigating allegations of bribery, but no charges were brought against him. "I do blame SFO and I do blame UK government," she told BBC Panorama. "They put Abbas and many other people's lives in danger and now I urge them to stand up and find out what happened and save him."
In January three Iranian nationals were arrested in Dubai in connection with the incident. It has emerged that one of trio, believed to be the ringleader, has died in custody.

Former director of public prosecutions Lord Macdonald, who was involved with Mr Yazdi's case told the BBC he had requested a meeting with Home Secretary Theresa May and stressed the danger the businessman was not granted an appointment. "It seemed extraordinary that a British prosecuting authority should be co-operating with an Iranian law enforcement authority in any way - but particularly in connection with a British citizen and doing that behind his back," he said in comments to be broadcast tonight.

Both the Home Office and the SFO declined to comment. A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "We remain in close touch with the Emirati authorities about Mr Yazdi's case. We have raised his case repeatedly with the Iranian government, including at the highest levels, and have asked for any information they might have on Mr Yazdi's whereabouts."