Iranian media releases 'Isis sniper' clip that turns out to be footage from video game Medal of Honor

Sucessful headshot icon popped up every time 'Hezbollah' fighters shot at 'Isis'

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Footage aired by Iranian state media purportedly showing a Hezbollah sniper taking down Isis militants is believed to be a clip from a video game.

The video shows a gunman shoot two men, with a commentary in Arabic explaining that the shooter is part of a team of snipers from Lebanon.

However, each time the gunman successfully hits one of the men, a small symbol pops up on the bottom of the screen, while acronyms used in the game Medal of Honor are also shown on the bottom of the screen, the Observers reported.

Although the resolution has been changed, making the figures and action appear darker, everything else about the clip reportedly matches exactly with the video game.

sniper you tube isis.JPG
This image of the video game Medal of Honor from 2012 appears similar to one released by Iranian state media

News agency Mizan, which is reportedly close to Iran's Revolutionary Guard, showed the video and said the guns used by the ‘Hezbollah’ snipers were “Arash ISIL weapons with a caliber of 20,” adding they were “Iranian-made” and had cameras with video recording capabilities.

It is not clear where Iranian media got the footage, but it is also believed to have been shared in Saudi Arabia.