Iraq: Another week of carnage

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Five civilians are killed and 20 wounded when car bombs explode in a marketplace in Baghdad. One Iraqi policeman is killed and another seriously injured when their patrol is attacked. Another policeman dies in an attack in Kirkuk.


Five Iraqi soldiers are wounded when a roadside bomb explodes near their patrol in Kirkuk. One insurgent is killed by Iraqi troops while allegedly trying to plant a bomb.


Three people are killed when a roadside bomb explodes in a busy shopping street in Baghdad. Coalition air strikes kill 37 in the town of Ubaydi during an operation near the Syrian border. Two US Marines killed.


Three policemen killed when a roadside bomb blows up next to their patrol car in Kirkuk. Two more die when a parked car explodes next to a Baghdad restaurant. A university lecturer is wounded and his driver killed by gunmen near Baghdad's Mustansiriya University.


Five US Marines die in a combat operation close to the Syrian border, the highest daily death toll for American troops in Operation Steel Curtain; 16 insurgents are killed.


At least 77 people are killed and 150 wounded when two suicide bombers blow themselves up in two Shia mosques in Khanaqin, about 93 miles north-east of Baghdad. Eight Iraqis are killed, including two children, and 60 are wounded when two suicide car bombs explode near the Hamra hotel. The establishment in central Baghdad is used by foreign journalists.