Isis executes 10 men in Afghanistan for 'apostasy' by blowing them up

According to some Isis supporters on Twitter, the executed men were Taliban members

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Isis have released a video of a group of extremist fighters in Afghanistan executing 10 men, who may be Taliban members, by blowing them up with explosives.

The men were apparently executed for apostasy, the standard charge for everyone who disagrees with the group's barbaric views.

The video was apparently filmed in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, and shows 10 men kneeling on the ground before being blown up, amidst numerous shots of black-clad fighters and the Isis flag.

This part of Afghanistan is on the border with Pakistan, over 1,000 miles away from Isis's major strongholds in Iraq and Syria. Isis are currently fighting with the Taliban to secure power there.

Recently, it also released a video of Taliban fighters being beheaded, part of the two groups' struggle for power.

It is not immediately clear who the men killed in the latest video were, although Twitter posts from known Isis sources suggested that they were Taliban fighters.

It is the latest of the terrorist group's gruesome execution tactics - which, in the past, have included pushing victims off buildings, crucifixion, and beheading.