Isis plans to seize Iran’s nuclear secrets, attack caviar industry, ruin carpets

A document found during a raid on a senior Isis commander’s home appears to reveal the groups desire to obtain nuclear weapons, commit ethnic cleansing and damage Iranian industry.  

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Leaders of the extremist group, Isis (Islamic State) wish to obtain nuclear weapons, and have chilling plans for a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Shi’ite Muslims, the Sunday Times has reported.

The list of ambitions was found in a manifesto-style document, which has 70 proposals. Other more bizarre plans included an aim to destroy Iran’s famous caviar industry and damage its carpet industry by flooding the market with Afghan carpet makers.

The document was taken during a raid in March from an Isis commander’s home by Iraqi Special Forces. Security officials believe it to be authentic and it is allegedly written by Abdullah Ahmed al-Meshedani one of the most senior members of the militant group.

One of the suggestions made was for Isis to offer the Russian Kremlin access to the gas fields it controls in Iraq in return for Russia giving up “Iran and its nuclear programme and hand over its secrets”.  In order for this to happen, it says that Russia would have to stop supporting Syria’s president Bashar-al-Assad and back the gulf-states against Iran.

In order to further the militant group’s plans for power and land to establish an “Islamic Caliphate” the document calls for Iran to be “stripped of all its power.” The author of the document calls for the assassination of Iranian diplomats, businessmen and teachers, and incites followers to kill Iraqi military chiefs, Shi’ite officials and Iranian-backed militias as well.

The Sunday Times report says that military officials have known and feared that Isis want to obtain nuclear weapons. The Home Secretary Theresa May said in her speech at the Conservative Party conference that if Isis consolidates power in Iraq and Syria it would become “the world’s first truly terrorist state.” If that were to occur, May said, “we will see the risk….the terrorists will acquire chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons.”