Isis propaganda image showing 'abuse of Muslim woman by soldiers' is actually taken from Hungarian porn film

Apparent misuse of the picture was pointed out by US officials

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The US foreign ministry has accused the Isis militant group of trying to “trick” social media users with an image claiming to show the abuse of Sunni Muslims – that was actually taken from a Hungarian porn film.

The image in question featured as part of a larger online propaganda poster proclaiming Isis, which calls itself “Islamic State”, to be “the sole saviour of millions of Sunni Muslims against Iraqi-Syria army butchers”.

It showed a woman seemingly being raped by a group of men in army fatigues, and was accompanied with text calling for “no more watching brothers die no more watching sister cray [sic]”.

The poster has been circulated by social media accounts professing affiliation to Isis, one of whom – called “State of Islam” – repeated the top line under hitting out at the “butchers” in the Iraqi and Syrian military. But according to the US State Department, the still of the woman and soldiers is actually “taken from Hungarian porn”.

The apparent misappropriation of the image was pointed out by the verified Think Again Turn Away Twitter account run by US officials, which has in the past publicised counter-propaganda videos allegedly showing Isis militants crucifying and throwing fellow Muslims off cliffs.

Think Again Turn Away tweeted at State of Islam: “Stop using fake photos to ‘trick’ people into supporting your lost cause.”

Other Twitter users speculated how the State Department could be aware of the picture’s provenance – some suggesting officials may have access to “government image recognition software”.

It comes as the latest episode in the ongoing propaganda war being waged online between the US and Isis.

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