Israeli navy chief says sorry for strip club visit

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Israeli military officials say the country's navy chief has apologised after he was seen in a strip club.

Admiral Eli Marom was spotted by a reporter in the Go-Go Girls club in central Tel Aviv this week. The officials say Admiral Marom, who was appointed to command the navy in August 2007, apologised in a letter to the military chief of staff.

Admiral Marom said it was a one-time slip and was not in keeping with the values expected of a military officer. His behaviour is not a crime, but is seen as scandalous for a commander meant to lead by example.

The Maariv newspaper quoted strippers identified as Celine and Jacqueline saying they had not realised who Admiral Marom was, although employees at the club said he was a regular, according to another Israeli daily, Ha'aretz.

The military officials said yesterday that Admiral Marom, 53, was not likely to be disciplined. They spoke anonymously because the military had not officially released any details of the indiscretion.