Israeli settlers hurl stones and burning tyres at Palestinians in West Bank revenge attack

The attack was one of many similar incidents that took place across the West Bank, responses to the recent murder of a settler couple

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Israeli settlers have been filmed throwing large rocks and burning tires at Palestinians in the West Bank village of Bur'in.

A video published on +972 Magazine shows the masked settlers, some of whom are accompanied by soldiers from the Israeli army, rolling boulders and flaming tyres down a hill towards Palestinians in the village below.

The incident was one of many that have taken place across the West Bank recently, responses to the murder of an settler couple on 1 October, which left their six children orphans.

A number of arson attacks also resulted in damage to acres of fields and olive orchards in the area.

Some of the settlers were accompanied by soldiers, who pointed their weapons at the vigilantes' targets.

While widely viewed as illegal by the UN and international community, many people choose to settle in Israel-occupied Palestinian territories.

The settlements are a significant bone of contention between the settling Israelis and Palestinians, making minor clashes like these fairly common, especially after more significant violent incidents. 

The settlers are protected by the military, making government spending per citizen in Jewish settlements twice as high as it is in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

In other incidents, West Bank settlers stood by roads and threw stones at Palestinian vehicles, sometimes throwing them at houses as well.

Elsewhere, in the major cities of Hebron and Jerusalem, Israelis marched in protest at the killings, with some reportedly attacking people and throwing stones.