Journalist 'safe and well' after kidnapping

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The Guardian confirmed the release of its reporter, an Irish citizen, and the British Government said he was "safe and well".

Mr Carroll spoke to his family and to British officials after his release. "He just said: 'I am safe and well and I have all my limbs on'," Mr Carroll's father, Joe, said from his home in Dublin.

The Irish government had been preparing to send an Arab-speaking delegation to Baghdad to secure the release of the journalist, who has reported for The Guardian from Baghdad for the past nine months.

Muslim community leaders, anti-war activists and politicians had earlier appealed for his release.

Mr Carroll, 33, was taken away by gunmen after carrying out interviews in connection with the opening of the trial of Saddam Hussein.

* Saadoun Janabi, a defence lawyer for one of Saddam Hussein's co-defendants, was last night abducted by eight armed men from his home in Baghdad, a day after he had sat in the dock next to the former president on the opening day of his trial.