Little girl gets rescued from beneath the rubble in Syria air-strike

Girl is rescued with her mother after an air-strike in Aleppo

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A little girl is filmed with her head down, concentrating on gathering sand created from the rubble around her in one hand and placing it in the other, while she appears trapped under a table.

The child, who looks little more than a toddler, was rescued along with her mother by Syrian emergency service workers after an airstrike in what is claimed to be Aleppo.

The footage has not been independently verified but it was posted onto a social media site with other footage that claims to show fire-fighters attempting to put out a blazing fire in one building after the air-strikes, while body bags lie in the street.

Elsewhere in the central province of Homs, the death toll from three days of fighting reached more than 270 on Sunday, as Government forces fired a counter-attack in a bid to recapture a gas field that had been seized by Islamic extremists.


In the past week, Isis fighters have captured much of eastern Syria, taking nearly all of the Deir Ezzor province using tanks and artillery seized in Iraq, which is altering the balance of power in the whole region.