Palestinian family killed by unexploded Israeli bomb – while clearing rubble from house destroyed in 2014 war

More than 2,000 were killed in last year's conflict

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At least four members of the same family have been killed in the Gaza Strip after an Israeli military ordnance left over from last summer’s war exploded.

Palestinian officials say that at least 13 others were injured by the blast. It reportedly exploded as Palestinian workers were helping family members to remove rubble from a house which had been badly damaged during last summer’s conflict.

It is understood that the ordnance dropped on the house during an air strike amid the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas militants.

The UN estimates that more than 20,000 homes were destroyed by shelling and air strikes. Approximately 500,000 people were displaced.

Palestinian officials say that 2,139 people were killed in Gaza during the period. Israel’s death toll was reported as totalling 64 soldiers and six civilians. 

With additional reporting by PA