Riot police direct traffic away from Gaza gap

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Egyptian riot police gathered today at the Egypt-Gaza border, directing traffic away from the frontier wall smashed by Hamas militants a day earlier.

Dozens of Egyptian police in helmets and with search dogs used batons to beat the hoods of private cars and pick-up trucks that massed at the border to carry Palestinians further into Egyptian territory.

US and Arab officials said yesterday that Egypt had assured the US it would soon reseal its border with the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of Palestinians continued to flow through the wrecked border fence into Egypt today. Egyptian drivers idled their pick-up trucks just inside Egyptian territory, charging incoming Palestinians 20 Egyptian pounds (£1.80) for a ride into downtown Rafah and neighbouring El Arish.

A few dozen Palestinians could also be seen returning to Gaza loaded with groceries. Men stood on the border, handing bags of supplies across to people inside the Palestinian territory.